What We Collect

We collect items pertaining to Canada’s vast military heritage from the War of 1812 to current conflicts with a preference on local regiments.
These items can include but not limited to military uniforms, medals, photos, documents, clothing and textiles, equipment, vehicles, helmets, and more.

Things We Consider When Reviewing a Donation

  • Condition (deterioration, mold, wear-and-tear)
  • Documentation (stories, provenance, history, and context about those who used the object)
  • Relevance (how the object or archives will fit within our collection)

Examples of Items We Would Be Interested to Receive

  • Records, photographs, and uniforms of women who served in the military
  • Military medals
  • Military uniforms, helmets, boots, caps, belts, etc.
  • Records and photographs of those that served with a preference but not limited to local men and women
  • WWI Death Pennies with preference on local men
  • Honor Rolls that were hung in churches, schools, community centres
  • Military equipment such as tents, goggles, tactical vests, first aid field kits, mess kits, body armour, gas masks etc.

Items we are likely not interested in receiving are:

Newspapers. Although they are a wealth of information, the CMHM cannot accept newspapers at this time due to their delicate nature and the ongoing maintenance of our existing newspaper collection
Books. As we already have an extensive military library, the CMHM is not accepting book donations unless the book(s) is of a Canadian military perspective and not already part of our current library collection.
Models. CMHM has an extensive model collection for all military branches and will only consider accepting a model that is unique or not reflected in our current model collection.

Donation Finalized

Once a donation is made, the donor must sign a Donation Agreement form that transfers ownership of the item(s) to the Canadian Military Heritage Museum who will have complete discretion regarding the use, display and disposition of these items as it may deem to be in the best interest. Because of space limitation, we cannot guarantee that any specific artifacts will be displayed on a permanent basis.

Contact Us

To enquire about making an artifact donation please contact the museum at 519-759-1313 or email us at cmhmbrant@gmail.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for thinking of the Canadian Military Heritage Museum.