Canadian Military Heritage Museum of Brant County

War of 1812/Boer War

The early years of Canada’s military heritage are portrayed in displays of replica soldiers period uniforms of a Newfoundland Regiment and an American Lieutenant, cannon balls; including one found in Port Dover as well as a diorama of a local battle fought in Brant County during last year of the War of 1812 (1814)

Boer War

The museum displays original artifacts to our involvement in the South African war (Boer War) including: a period uniform, pill-box cap, Queen Victoria gift box and medal.

The Boer War Memorial, which proudly stands in front of Brantford’s Sgt. Merrifield Armouries was dedicated on May 25th, 1903, commemorating those who served from our community during the Boer War, 1899-1902 in which three Brant County men – Lieutenant John Woodburn Osborne, Private Alfred Sherritt, and Private Norman Devereux Builder lost their lives. There were thirty local men who volunteered to fight with the British and Canadian units, in South Africa, in 1899. This was the first time Canadian volunteered and fought oversees for the British Empire and many of these veterans would enlist again 11 years later to fight in the First World War.


A Passion
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