Restored and static displays of military vehicles and full size replicas of WWI airplanes.

There are significant numbers of both vehicles and model planes (in various scales) in the museums’ collection of artifacts. I’d like to focus on some unique artifacts from these two areas. In coming months you will see other highlights of the collection.
In terms of model aircraft, the most outstanding are the four full scale replicas of World War One warplanes which are suspended from the interior roof of the building. They are as follows: a Pfalz D 111; a Nieuport 17; an Albatros D.V; and a Fokker Dr. 1. These replica aircraft were created by staff and students in technological education classes in secondary schools in the York Region District School Board in 1990 for a film that was apparently never made.
Within our vehicle collection is a Ferret armoured scout/reconnaissance vehicle. It dates to the early 1950s, carried a crew of two and was unique in that it could travel as fast in reverse as in forward (up to 80 Kph), which was a definite plus if the vehicle and crew encountered numbers of hostile troops while engaged on a scouting probe.