From filling in for the men on the industrial home front to active military service in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Medical Corps, the invaluable contributions of women during all wars and post-war are recognized in displays of military and medical uniforms and artifacts showing their contributions


Indigenous People

The people of the Six Nations made a significant contribution as Allies in early wars before Confederation and to the First and Second World Wars6 nations flag


The flag was carried in addition to the King’s Colours and Regimental Colours.

It was the Regimental flag for Brock’s Rangers (114th Battalion) during WWI.

The 114th had special permission, contrary to regulations, to carry a third flag.

Of the 272 Six Nations men who enlisted in WWI – 27 were Killed in Action

6 died of Sickness

1 was Missing in Action

55 were Wounded

The original flag is located at the Woodland Cultural Centre